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The Auty funeral directors Gloucester was established with one aim – to help families and loved ones to make funerals better. We believe that a funeral should be a personal and special occasion, where you control what happens. So whether you want to arrange a funeral that is very traditional in nature, or one that has a number of elements that are different, we can help.

We are based in Gloucester and generally work within one hour’s travelling distance of our base. (If you live further afield, you might want to look at either the Natural Death Centre’s Recommended Funeral Directors list or the Best Funeral Directors list in the Good Funeral Guide).

We have won both regional and national awards for our funeral directing services, and for the two woodland burial grounds that we manage, but we continually strive to improve and extend the services that we offer.

Good Funerals Directors Gloucester

Don’t have to be more expensive funerals. By tailoring a funeral to your needs, and around what you feel is fitting and appropriate for your loved one, you only have to pay for the options that you choose. And because we believe in price transparency, you can find all the information about costs that you need on this website.

Choosing the right funeral director is one of the most rewarding decisions that you can make. The reassurance of knowing that your arrangements are in the hands of your local caring professional provides some peace of mind.

funeral Directors Gloucester

Why To Really Take Your Time Choosing A Funeral Director In {Flood}

Unless you have religious reasons for doing otherwise, take your time. If someone dies at home, by all means call a funeral director and ask them to collect the body but be aware that you can have them transferred to another funeral director for a nominal charge before any paperwork is signed. This also applies if the person has already been collected because they died in a nursing home. If the person died in a hospital there may be no rush – they can stay in the mortuary until you’ve chosen a funeral director you’re happy with. If the hospital does not have a mortuary, a nominated funeral director will look after them until you arrange for a transfer.